Kafé/Museum Shop

Kafé/Museum Shop

Kafé Consulen
Our popular Café Consulen is an idyllic oasis on the museum’s grounds. Eger & Co., a restaurant in nearby Hønefoss, runs the café at the Kistefos Museum. Eger & Co. presents a genuine and unpretentious menu with a focus on quality, taste and fresh ingredients. In addition, you’ll find coffee, tea, wine and beer from quality suppliers. Meals are served both indoors and outdoors. Eger & Co. also takes pre-orders from groups.

The Museum Shop in the Smithy
The museum has a cosy shop with a varied selection of exhibition catalogues, postcards and gifts at agreeable prices. Here you will experience good service in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The Smithy also contains our information centre, where you can find out about all that Kistefos has to offer.

Entrance tickets may be purchased here or at the Art Hall's ground floor.

Opening times
Activity calendar
  • Season 2017
    21 May - 8 October

    Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm
    The Kistefos Museum is closed on Mondays.

    Information about ticket prices:

    Guided tours on saturdays & sundays
    (included in the entrance tickets)
    Pulp Mill: 1pm
    Art Hall: 2pm
    Sculpture Park: 3pm 

    All guided tours start in
    the Art Hall's ground floor.

    Guided tours on request:

    Kistefos Museum, Samsmoveien 41
    N-3520 Jevnaker, Norway
    Telephone: +47 61 31 03 83
    Fax: +47 61 31 20 04
    E-mail: post@kistefos.museum.no

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