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Public transport to Kistefos-Museet:

Insert your journey into a route planner. Kistefos-Museets address is: Samsmovein 41, Jevnaker
Nearest bus stops are: Kistefossvegen and Bergermoen.
Suggested route planners: Ruter Bing

There are local buses that stop along the main roads on both sides of the museum, and then you have to walk a short way down to us. On the one side of the museum, along fv.241, the stop is called Kistefossvegen. From this side there is an approximately 1 km walk down to the museum. On the other side of the museum, along the E16, the bus stop is called Bergermoen. You will get off near a Circle K station, and then will have to continue on the road on the right-hand side of this same station, Samsmoveien, to reach Kistefos-Museet. It is also approximately 1 km to walk. Ask the bus driver to help you get off at the right stop, no matter which side of the museum you'll be traveling on.

You can try to put these stops into a route planner online to see which exact route you need to take to get to us.

Also, you can catch a train to Hønefoss, hop on one of the local buses, and then get off at one of the above-mentioned stops. Good luck, and we really hope that anyone who wants to visit us this season will find a way to get here!

Opening times
Activity calendar
  • Season 2017
    21 May - 8 October

    Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm
    The Kistefos Museum is closed on Mondays.

    Information about ticket prices:

    Guided tours on saturdays & sundays
    (included in the entrance tickets)
    Pulp Mill: 1pm
    Art Hall: 2pm
    Sculpture Park: 3pm 

    All guided tours start in
    the Art Hall's ground floor.

    Guided tours on request:

    Kistefos Museum, Samsmoveien 41
    N-3520 Jevnaker, Norway
    Telephone: +47 61 31 03 83
    Fax: +47 61 31 20 04

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